Worshipers pray at petrol station in Lebanon during fuel crisis | WGN 720 radio

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Muslim worshipers at a gas station on Friday, September 3, 2021 in the coastal town of Jie, south of Beirut, Lebanon, protesting the severe fuel shortages that Lebanon has witnessed for weeks. I pray during Friday prayers. The economic and financial crisis, the worst in its modern history. The result has been a reduction in electricity and a severe shortage of gasoline and diesel, accused of smuggling, hoarding and underfunded governments that have failed to deliver petroleum products. (AP Photo / Hassan Ammer)

Jie (AP), Lebanon – On Friday, dozens of worshipers knelt in prayer amid hundreds of cars and unruly drivers surrounding a gas station south of Beirut.

Sheikh Ali Al Hussein led the session to highlight the hardships faced by those who could not stand in line for gas during the worst economic crisis in Lebanon’s history. So he says he brought the mosque to the people who were queuing 5 km (3 miles) near Jie station.

He blew up politicians for their corruption and mismanagement.

“The aim is to send a message to the political class, which is to condemn the misery of this country,” he said.

The session highlighted the economic and financial crisis in Lebanon, where more than half of the population lives in poverty. The two-year crisis was exacerbated by a pandemic in Beirut’s port and last year’s explosion, killing at least 214 people and destroying much of the city.

The results include catastrophic power outages and a severe shortage of gasoline and diesel, which have been blamed by government smuggling, storage and underfunding for failing to deliver petroleum products.

People have to wait for hours in a line, commonly known as a “line of humiliation,” just to get gas, sometimes at risk.

Some people hug their computers behind the handle while they wait. Others spend time making phone calls and playing games on their cell phones.

Sweat quietly for hours, hoping you don’t get involved in shootings or brawls. This is a feature that is becoming more and more common at crowded gas stations across the country.

Sometimes, after waiting a long time in the heat and humidity of a hot summer, customers may change turns just being told that the power is off and the pump is no longer running.

Then there are people who stay in the car in front of the gas station all night.

On Friday, a group of Lebanese worshipers went further and held a big Friday prayer at a bus station south of Beirut, the capital, where a row of cars blocked the road.

The fuel crisis has worsened considerably in recent weeks after the central bank decided to end subsidies on petroleum products. This move could lead to price increases for almost any commodity in Lebanon that is already on the brink of poverty and hyperinflation.

Worshipers pray at petrol station in Lebanon during fuel crisis | WGN 720 radio

Worshipers pray at petrol station in Lebanon during fuel crisis | WGN 720 radio

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