Why Bahaa Hariri can pull Lebanon out of the quagmire

People who follow events in Lebanon clearly understand that the alliances between corrupt political parties and the Hezbollah militia are the reason for the country’s unrest. This system, which covered Hezbollah’s weapons and terrorist activity in Syria and Yemen, supported the militia in order to leverage its power, and managed to rob the Lebanese people both stealthily and publicly until the country is reaching the crisis it is currently facing.

Since 2005, Lebanon has not succeeded in reviving any institution built during the time of Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, nor in building new ones. He has made no effort to secure electricity, telecommunications, water, the most basic needs in a country known as a youth and labor hub for many countries including the Gulf Arab States.

This system, which can only be described as terrorism, larceny and corruption, has plunged Lebanon into darkness and deprived it of its Arab and international incubators. He utterly starved and isolated his people, and left them stranded in search of a ray of hope amid the total collapse of their institutions.

After the Beirut port explosion, the Lebanese became convinced that change could only be achieved through the ballot box. Some people have started to prepare for this crucial step that will determine their future and its direction. The country will either return to the Arab embrace or fall into the quagmire of Iranian terrorism, which has a long history of impoverishment, displacement and starvation among the people of the countries they enter, as happened in Iraq, Yemen, Syria and Lebanon.

After being abroad for years, Bahaa Rafik Hariri, eldest son of the assassinated former Prime Minister, decided to heed the suffering of the people and create a new movement in Lebanon called “Change and Restoration”. Its goal is to liberate the country from its occupiers and put it back on track with the Gulf States, and to rid Lebanon of arms, terrorism and endemic corruption. This project aims to create change and reform, instead of the quotas, settlements and concessions that have brought Lebanon to this dangerous and sensitive stage in its history.

Bahaa Hariri does not believe in the current political system and for years he was an honest adviser to his brother, former Prime Minister Saad Hariri. He repeatedly asked his brother to avoid alliances that serve neither the people nor the country, especially the four-way alliance with Hezbollah and its allies. But Saad, seduced by authority and power, does not listen to his brother’s advice. Bahaa reiterated his advice to prevent Michel Aoun from becoming president, but he also failed to do so, as the interests of Saad and his team were considered more important than the advice given by his older brother.

The project of Rafik Hariri’s son today is to complete his father’s journey and implement the Taif Agreement and all its provisions; liberate Lebanon from terrorist weapons; hold corrupt people of all parties accountable, without exception; and to bring Lebanon back into the Arab embrace, preserving its freedom and independence.

Is this what the Lebanese people want or do they want to remain in the quagmire of odious parties and a sectarianism that has only served warlords and sects?

• Jerry Maher is a Swedish writer and political analyst specializing in the Middle East and Iran, and media adviser to Bahaa Hariri.

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