What to pray for on Hoshana Raba – reviews


Jewish tradition teaches that the divine courts in heaven permanently close the books of life and death on Hoshana Raba on the last day of the feast of Sukkot. This includes the fate of nations as well as individuals. This is a late appeal period after Yom Kippur. So here are some global and national questions that we might all want to include in our Hoshana Raba prayers in times of crisis:

Pray that the dangerous deterioration of American resolve, prestige and power under US Presidents Obama, Trump and Biden will stop.

Pray that Afghanistan does not fall into Iranian orbit after President Joe Biden withdraws US troops from that country. Iraq too. Pray that Pakistani nuclear weapons can be hijacked by the United States before they fall into the hands of radical Islamists. Pray that Biden will now redirect American resources and energies towards difficult and winnable strategies against Iran and China.

Pray for world leaders with clear thinking who understand the challenges of our time and appreciate Israel’s heroic struggle. Pray that the global scum and their corrupt international institutions – such as the United Nations Commission on Human Rights, the International Criminal Court and the International Court of Justice who seek to try Israeli leaders for “war crimes” will boycott our academics and impose sanctions on our trade – be defeated.

Pray like this: “Give Israel good friends, honorable allies, and the resources to be as self-reliant as possible. Make Israel strong enough to work with the world, not fight with it; free enough to contribute creatively to the world, not to be crushed by boycott and demonization; strong enough to establish and defend its own red lines, not being hampered by faint red (or green) lines blithely drawn by others; smart enough to be respected by the world, not intimidated by it. And if necessary, give us the courage to go it alone (against Iran).

Bahraini Foreign Minister Abdullatif Al Zayani, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, US President Donald Trump and United Arab Emirates (UAE) Foreign Minister Abdullah bin Zayed participate in the signing of the Abrahamic Accords, normalizing relations between Israel and some of its countries in the Middle East (credit: REUTERS / TOM BRENNER)

Pray for the expansion of the Abrahamic Peace Circle in the Middle East. (I hope that Niger, Oman, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia can then be oriented towards reconciliation with Israel.) Of course, that would be easier if it was accompanied by the military and diplomatic support of the United States. ; the firm determination of the United States to oppose Iran’s hegemonic designs; and an understanding that giving too much priority to the Palestinian issue is wrong.

Pray that Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and Defense Minister Benny Gantz act to strengthen Israeli deterrence, tolerating no terror. This means zero tolerance for border rushes, fence traps, missile fire, incendiary kites, etc. This means targeting the Hamas leadership if they fail to maintain the current lull; strike deep inside Syria as soon as the IRGC bases are identified; and dismantle more Iranian nuclear sites through subterfuge – hopefully with clear and continued US support for this “war between wars”.

Pray for the IDF soldiers ambushing in the Hezbollah infested valleys in Lebanon and the heights penetrated by Iran into Syria. Pray that the series of trial and error and operational errors in our police and prison services will end, and that Israel will return to its lean and petty deterrence posture.

PRAY FOR Jerusalem; may it remain under the wise and compassionate control of Israel. Pray that Israel will have the national backbone to reaffirm its sovereignty in the face of the rise of the Palestinian Authority, Islamic Jihad and Turkish encroachment throughout the city and on the Temple Mount.

Pray for Israel to rule with force in Area C of Judea and Samaria, preserving what remains of Israel’s de facto sovereign control there, approving road projects and other infrastructure projects that will benefit Jewish residents. and Arabs in this area, and dismantling illegal Bedouins and Palestinian settlements that deliberately encroach on strategic routes. Pray that the government will strengthen settlements in areas of national consensus like the Jordan Valley, around Greater Jerusalem, along the mountain ridge above Gush Dan – as well as in the Galilee and the Negev.

Pray for the government to act to end anarchy and anarchy in minority communities. Israel can no longer afford the willful and self-defeating sectarianism of its minority communities. Pray that to begin with, the Israel Police and the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) embark on a massive campaign to confiscate the tens of thousands of unauthorized weapons from Arab Israeli communities.

Pray that ultra-Orthodox leaders in Israel will realize that the violent protests against archaeological excavations, higher education and military conscription, and even against the streetcar in Jerusalem – are a desecration of God’s name and do not advance the cause of Jewish faith or unity.

Pray that the government adopts the reforms of Minister of Religious Services Matan Kahana regarding the systems of Kashrut and conversion, and the Chief Rabbinate will understand that these changes are for his own good as well as for the future of Orthodoxy in this country.

Pray that the American, Canadian, French and other olim will continue to come.

Pray for all of the incredible volunteers in our society, who lead thousands of nonprofit organizations dedicated to social welfare, making Israel one of the most selfless societies in the world. May they all be empowered and rewarded!

Pray for Zionism, which is under attack by revisionist educators, post-Zionist politicians, cynical media, and a simply tired public. Pray that “intellectuals” who would question Israel’s morality and righteous achievements will fail to corrode our patriotism. Pray that we can re-energize our national spirit, to teach our children to take pride in the achievements of Zionism as well as a sense of responsibility for its continuation.

Pray for the Jewish people: that American Jews do not evaporate in a haze of assimilated, amorphous, new identity; that secular Israeli Jews discover that being Jewish is more than composing folklore ballads in Hebrew or serving in the infantry. Pray that faith and modernity will be woven into a new tapestry that unites us all.

Pray, if you can, like the legendary Rabbi Elimelech of Lizhensk. “May thy will, O Lord,” he wrote, “that there be great affection and peace among all the people of Israel; that we should all be guided by brotherly love and compassion; that we should accept each other and learn from each other; that we should appreciate all of your sentient beings; and may the misfortune of one touch the hearts of all.


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