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I have the right to wonder about the value of the moral, material and historical cost that the nation is still paying with the continuation of the sectarian killings! For example, we saw what happened and is still happening in Iraq, in the midst of the unprecedented sectarian division that our nation is experiencing these days.

One of the most salient aspects of this sectarian plague is the circulation of videos showing spokespersons for specific sects and doctrines, who often speak racially. These videos spread quickly like wildfire, for ridicule and amusement.

The promoters of these videos fail to realize that some of them are fake and fabricated, and many of them reflect individual or limited cases.

Moreover, this exists in all movements, sects and doctrines. Where you find someone who wears clothes showing a religious position, then he speaks with unfounded individual heresies; his enemies immediately seize them with greed, as if they were finding booty. After that, they rushed to spread and promote them, so that these heresies spread more than their owner expected.

Try writing in search engines “sandals” or “secrets” or similar phrases, then write the name of someone whose ideology you embrace, whether it’s a thought, a doctrine or even a political movement, you will then be amazed at the abuse and distortion of your creed!

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The most serious question here is: how would you react? The impression most likely to immediately come to mind is: what madness is this? Are they haters? You will become more convinced of what you will adopt; you will also strengthen your belief in the magnitude of the conspiracy against your creed.

In other words, these videos, as powerful as they are against a movement or a doctrine, will not deter their followers. On the contrary, they will increase their adherence to them. If this approach were more effective, the teachings of the Quran would not call for wisdom and wise counsel, but rather scandal, defamation and distortion of beliefs.

I write this after my participation in a preparatory meeting, a few days ago, to launch an intellectual front against sectarian fanaticism, where several intellectuals called for the creation of “United against sectarian fanaticism”.

It is an independent cultural gathering that aims to raise awareness of the dangers of concepts, ideas and trends that support sectarian and racist fanaticism, and to create a framework of cooperation to consolidate understanding between the peoples of a country. , from the same region and in the general humanitarian context. Furthermore, it establishes the rules of coexistence and combats all repugnant and condemned forms of sectarian and racist fanaticism.

The group aims to establish a broad and effective cultural alliance so that everyone can enjoy security, peace, mutual respect and legal justice.

I believe this idea has become a temporal necessity and a legal obligation in light of the nation’s need to seek points of agreement after it has been destroyed by the factors of separation.

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In this context, we affirm the incapacity and invalidity of the idea of ​​extermination by one part of the other, or the ethnic cleansing of the country by a certain group of people, so that we can treat each other like our fathers and grandfathers did, over the centuries.

Anyone involved in bloodshed or breaking the law, our role is to help support and enable fair justice to take its course through the institutions of the state, of which reform is a foundation essential to achieve this goal.

This is considered a duty. When you light a candle, it’s much better than making it dark. We need a real serious stand against the factors that divide us, especially bigotry and racism. Especially because nations have rallied against us and dangers have come upon us from all sides.

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