Watch the Baalbeck International Festival go virtual for the second year in a row (video)

The Baalbeck International Festival, one of the oldest and most prestigious events in the Middle East, was back this year despite the circumstances that plunged Lebanon into collapse.

For its second year in a row, the Baalbeck International Festival has gone virtual as Lebanon faces various crises, including health, economic, fuel and electricity.

It was uploaded on July 9 for his “Shine On Lebanon” concert pledging to “challenge the darkness with music” in these dark times… literally because the electricity crisis in Lebanon is something else.

“The glory of Lebanon is fading, but we continue to run after the rays of light. Our hope lies in the voices of the young independent generation of musicians and artists who come together to make our once shining lighthouse shine even brighter because the time has come for #ShineOnLebanon, ”the festival wrote on social media.

The concert takes people on a ‘musical journey’ featuring 10 alternative local artists such as Blu Fiefer, Postcards, Beirut Vocal Point, Zef, Makram Aboul Hosn and more, through the ancient Roman temples of the Bekaa Valley .

The event has been around since 1955, and its organizers have refused to allow crises brought on by political corruption and a global pandemic to end the annual tradition.

The concert was broadcast on YouTube and regional TV channels. You can watch it here:

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