The Ibn Rushd Prize honors Lebanese and Iraqi defenders of religious freedom

Saad Salloum, founder and president of the Masarat Foundation for Cultural and Media Development, has been involved in many diversity and interfaith initiatives in Iraq.

The theme of this year’s award is freedom of religion. The award aims to honor an individual or organization that has contributed to the promotion and protection of religious freedom, to the fight against bigotry and discrimination based on religion and to support the recognition of diversity to build a society peaceful.

The award ceremony will take place on September 8 in Berlin.

Masarat Iraqi Foundation

Saad Salloum is founder and president of the Masarat Foundation for Cultural and Media Development, a non-profit organization specializing in diversity and interfaith dialogue. He is also an assistant professor of political science at Al-Mustansiriya University, Baghdad.

Salloum co-founded the Christian-Muslim Dialogue Initiative in 2010, the Iraqi Council for Interreligious Dialogue in 2013, the National Center for Combating Hate Speech in 2018, the Institute for Religious Diversity Studies in Baghdad in 2019 and the Institute for Diversity Journalism in Iraq in 2020.

Profile author, Salloum has published 18 books in Arabic on diversity issues, the most important of which are “Minorities in Iraq” (2012), “Creative Diversity” (2013), “The Yazidis in Iraq” (2016), “ The End of Diversity in Iraq” (2019) and “The Ongoing Genocide” (2022). Besides the publication in English, some of his works have been translated into French, Italian and Dutch.

The Masarat organization focuses on minorities, collective memory studies and interreligious dialogue. It produces a magazine devoted to cultural diversity in Iraq and the Arab world, as well as books and documentary films on minority rights and public freedoms.

Adyan Foundation of Lebanon

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