The death of Colin Powell, the murder of his English partner … in the news around the world


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United States

General Colin Powell dies at 84

Four-star General Colin Powell, who was diagnosed with cancer, died on October 18 from covit disease. Born in Harlem to Jamaican parents in 1937 and served in the military for thirty-five years, he served as a captain in Vietnam, before becoming the first African-American to serve as a national security adviser (under Reagan ). Army personnel (under Bush Sr.) and Secretary of State (under Bush Jr.). In 2003, he lamented that his false speech at the United Nations, which presented false evidence that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, had otherwise tarnished the image of the most practical man. “He was the most political general after Eisenhower,” he said. New York Times.


Strawman Maduro kicked out

Limited offer. 1 € to 2 months without commitment

After more than a year of legal battle, Alex Chop, who was arrested while stationed in Cape Verde – then his jet en route to Iran – was finally extradited to the United States on the 16th. October. Originally from Colombia but also Venezuelan, the 49-year-old businessman is considered the straw man of President Nicolas Maduro. He is accused of having embezzled $ 350 million for the benefit of Caracas. According to Miami Herald, “Maduro is concerned that a deal with the US justice system could lead to the release of more important information about the Venezuelan regime, which the US accuses of operating like a drug gang.”


Shock after the murder of the viceroy

The tragedy occurred on October 15 while he was on duty in his constituency in the Leigh-on-Sea area, 60 kilometers east of London. David Ames, a Conservative candidate for the House of Commons, was stabbed to death by a 25-year-old Briton of Somali origin suspected of Islamic extremism. The assassination comes five years after Labor killed Joe Cox by a neo-Nazi. The Financial Time He calls for “reinforcing security around deputies” during these public meetings. “You have to accept the cost,” the newspaper said. It is the essence of British democracy that is at stake.


A new enemy for Orban

He is 49 years old, has seven children and won the Hungarian opposition primary. Peter Margi-J, winner of his rival Clara Dobray, will face Prime Minister Victor Orban in the legislative elections of 2022. This liberal is a “serious opponent of Urban” because he can meet voters on the left and on the left. Conservatives ”, comments A glassTHE. Already, the mayor of the city of 40,000 souls in southern Hungary has declared that if he wins, he “would repeal the controversial Serbian Orban laws and introduce the euro”.

Ivory Coast

Gbagbo started a new party

He returned to Abidjan in June after being released by the International Criminal Court. Laurent Gbagbo launched his African People’s Party – Côte d’Ivoire (PPA-CI) on October 17. With the ambition to become president again in 2025? The 80-year-old man advocates a gradual withdrawal: “At that age, after this trip, it is wise to decide to leave.” But the Burkinabé daily Today in Paso, He “has not digested for ten years [passés] The Hague prison is “ready to fight to take over the presidency it held from 2000 to 2011”.


Growth is slowed down

Chinese GDP growth slowed to 4.9% in the third quarter (from 7.9% in the previous quarter), driven by the recession and energy shortages in the real estate market. This figure increases the pressure on President Xi Jinping, who “pursues an ambitious strategy of public prosperity”, “to fight against excess income,” he commented. Finance dImages. This slowdown in growth did not stop exports from rising last month. He sees the daily as “a sign of the slowdown in the corporate sector despite the energy crisis and other supply chain challenges.”


The horror of civil war

Seven people were killed in gunfire in the streets, sectarian chants and gunfire … On October 14, Beirut again sank into its darkest hours, with supporters of Hezbollah’s Shiite militia protesting against her. In the midst of an economic crisis, the country sees the resurgence of interfaith conflicts: “… like a bloodbath [dans le quartier de] He mourned Tayouneh and the whole of Lebanon, and could not revive each home, with more intensity than ever, than the dream of civil war. Writing L’Orient-Le Jour.

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