Russia to grant Lebanon thousands of tons of fuel and wheat: minister

Lebanese Minister of Public Works and Transport Ali Hamieh reveals that Russia will grant Lebanon 10,000 tons of fuel and 25,000 tons of wheat.

  • Lebanese Minister of Transport and Public Works Ali Hamieh

Russia will grant Lebanon 10,000 tonnes of fuel and 25,000 tonnes of wheat, Lebanese Minister of Public Works and Transport in the interim government, Ali Hamieh, said on Monday.

According to Hamieh, the details of the two packages will be released within two days.

“Russia will give Lebanon 10,000 tons of fuel for power plants,” Hamieh told the Russian. Sputnik Press Agency.

“Russia will grant Lebanon 25,000 tons of wheat,” he added, noting that “in two days we will announce the details of the two Russian donations.”

Lebanon has been suffering from a suffocating economic crisis that has been worsening since 2019, with the Lebanese pound collapsing and losing around 95% of its value. The reasons go back to the corruption of state institutions, according to Lebanese media, and the sanctions imposed by the United States on Lebanese banks.

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In August 2021, President Michel Aoun received a phone call from Dorothy Shea, U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon, in which she informed him of her administration’s decision to “continue to help Lebanon import electricity from Jordan via Syria”.

Despite the approval of the countries concerned, namely Egypt, Jordan and Syria, the refusal of the United States to exclude this project from the Caesar’s Act sanctions imposed on Damascus has led to its freezing so far.

Meanwhile, the hours of electricity supplied by the public electricity company in various parts of the Lebanese state have reached less than two hours a day.

Since the explosion in the port of Beirut in August 2020 which caused the destruction of the country’s central wheat silos, Lebanon has also been unable to store large quantities of wheat.

The Russian donation, if successful, will be an important factor in restoring electricity to the country, whose economy is largely based on private generators, and in supporting the availability and prices of bread in Lebanese bakeries.

The donation will be in addition to Iraqi and Iranian donations of fuel and oil derivatives, which arrived in Lebanon earlier this year.

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