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Jobs in the private sector recovered after the COVID-19 shutdown, but growth in non-educational employment in state and local governments across the country has been largely depleted. Pew Charitable Trust Data I will propose.

All public and local jobs without education, including jobs in city and town buildings, police and correctional facilities, 400,000 Since the start of the pandemic, according to the US Department of Labor.

In fact, the decline in the number of uneducated workers in state and local governments in July 2021 fell by more than 5% in 14 states compared to July 2019. New Mexico (-8.5%), New Hampshire (-7.6%), Connecticut (-7.6%), Louisiana (-7.5%), Illinois (-6.9%), Pennsylvania ( -6.2%), Hawaii (-6.2%), New Jersey (-6.0%), Vermont (-5.9%), Massachusetts (-5.8%), Virginia (-5.5 %), Nevada (-5.2%), New York (-5.1%) and Kansas (-5.1%).

According to Putrust data, the current number of uneducated public and rural jobs is “almost equal to the lowest point after the Great Recession“, and the sector .6% After December 2020.

Meanwhile, private sector employment rose 3.4%, Pugh reported.

(Source: Pew Charitable Trust)

So why has labor not recovered?

There are several factors.

“Since the beginning of 2021 Total job offer And the number of uneducated states and local governments Resignation of workers The Department of Labor believes it is increasing, ”the Pew report said.

Bench too Research Conducted by the Mission Square Research Institute in May, 31% of state and local employees said they plan to change jobs by working during a pandemic.

“They were already trying to fill up, and you add a pandemic, and it’s going to be harder to hold them back,” Leslie Scott, director of the National Association of National Personnel Officers, told Pew. I did.

Unlike private companies, state and local employers are often unable to offer job bonuses or telecommuting options, she said.


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Pa.A Records 6.2% Drop in State and Municipal Non-Teaching Workers | Friday morning coffee

Pa.A Records 6.2% Drop in State and Municipal Non-Teaching Workers | Friday morning coffee

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