Moderates put House on hold in Biden budget shock | National policy

“I am stunned by my party’s flawed strategy of making the passage of the already written, bipartisan popular infrastructure bill conditional on the passage of the controversial partisan reconciliation bill, which ‘has yet to be written,’ Rep. Stephanie Murphy, D-Fla., a leader of the centrist Blue Dog caucus, wrote in the Orlando Sentinel. “This is bad policy and, yes, bad policy.”

In the tightly divided House, every vote counts and a few dissenters could potentially end the hopes of the Democratic majority to pass a proposal.

With the bulk of Biden’s national agenda at stake, it’s unimaginable that Pelosi, D-Calif., Would allow an embarrassing defeat. This is especially true because the package contains priorities such as childcare, paid family leave and an extension of health insurance which are hard-fought party goals. It also comes as the president is already being criticized for his handling of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The $ 3.5 trillion budget resolution will set the stage this fall for new legislation to fulfill that plan, and committees are already at work to quickly draft how that money would be spent on the social safety net, the environment and other programs over the next decade.

The budget measure is at the heart of Biden’s “Build Back Better” vision to help families and fight climate change and is the top priority of progressives, all largely funded by tax increases on the rich and the big. companies.

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