Lebanon asks France to help it in the transport sector

Transport Minister Ali Hamie met with the President of the French Embassy’s Economy Department, François De Ricoflis, to discuss transport in Lebanon.

During the meeting, Ali Hamie reiterated his request for the French Ambassador to provide buses for the Lebanese government as a grant to Lebanon.

He stressed the importance of the transport sector as it will help activate the Lebanese economy as many people lose the ability to get to their jobs.

Hamie and De Ricolfis also discussed the reconstruction of the port of Beirut, which the minister described as equally crucial for improving the Lebanese economy.

Hamie explained that the Port of Beirut serves as a connection between east and west and will attract investors, but requires intensive study and planning.

He stressed the need for a new administrative system for the port, in order to be able to draft a bill for both parliament and cabinet.

Finally, the Minister spoke about the Beirut airport, stressing the importance of increasing its capacity.

He also said he has a full plan for the airport cargo area, which he will soon reveal “with full clarity and honesty.”

De Ricolfis assured that France’s support for Lebanon is real and that any international aid to Lebanon will have to go through the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

He added that he will contact the French Ambassador regarding the Paris airport buses, mentioning that there are French companies ready to help regarding the management of the Port of Beirut.

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