Lebanese Prime Minister: Political atmosphere suggests difficulties in forming a new government

Lebanon’s interim Prime Minister (pm), Najib Mikati, pointed out that the political atmosphere in the country suggests the difficulty of agreeing to quickly form a new government.

He felt that most of the talk that has taken place in the last period has focused on the efforts of each political team to display their capabilities.

Mikati added in a television interview with Lebanese channel Al-Jadeed that he was not running for the post of prime minister.

He underlined his acceptance in case he was not tasked with forming a new government, as part of his response to what was reported about the existence of an agreement between the Free Patriotic Movement and the Presidency of the House representatives in this regard.

Mikati said that if the House of Representatives fully assumes its role, it can continue with an interim government for a while, knowing that its government was formed after 13 months of interim. He noted that if the House does not fulfill its role, the government cannot continue doing business for more than a year.

He expressed his joy at the stage of yesterday’s parliamentary session, explaining that what made him happiest was talking about the abolition of political bigotry.

Mikati felt that nothing had changed in parliament, as Nabih Berri is still the speaker of parliament and the deputy speaker is Elias Bou Saab, who is from the “Strong Lebanon” bloc.

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