Lawyers Call for No Restrictions for Reagan Hinckley Shooter | national


In the 2000s, Hinckley began visiting his parents in a gated community in Williamsburg. A 2016 court order granted her permission to live with her mother full time, albeit under various restrictions, after experts said her mental illness had been in remission for decades.

Stephen J. Morse, professor of law and psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania, said that Hinckley’s acquittal on account of insanity means “that he is not to blame for these terrible things that have happened. produced and that it cannot be punished “.

Decades of legal precedent are on Hinckley’s side when it comes to lifting restrictions, Morse said. Most people in Hinckley’s situation are released from a mental hospital if they are no longer considered to be mentally ill or dangerous, he said. And if they follow court-ordered rules, absolute discharge almost always follows after a period of time.

“People tend to age out of harm’s way, even people with terrible records, in their early 40s,” Morse said. “If he hadn’t tried to kill President Reagan, this guy would have been released a long time ago. “

In recent years, Hinckley has sold items from a stall at an antique mall he found at estate sales, flea markets, and consignment stores. He shared his music on YouTube and had a relationship with a woman he met in group therapy.

Friedman, the federal judge, also relaxed Hinckley’s restrictions from about 30 conditions in 2018 to 17 conditions last year. For example, Hinckley was granted the right to publicly exhibit his works of art and was allowed to leave his mother’s house. But he still can’t get to places where he knows there will be someone who is protected by the Secret Service.


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