Latest news: French Macron hails G-20 climate progress | National policy

The UK leader said phasing out coal power was a key to reducing emissions and that G-20 leaders had not made a commitment as a group to stop using coal nationally .

“What has to happen is that the countries that really depend on coal (,) … they’re going to need help, and they’re going to need specific packages … and the technology.”

G-20 leaders also agreed to work to achieve net carbon emissions “by the middle of the century or by the middle of the century,” a language looser than the firm commitment to 2050 made by the Group of Nations. Seven wealthy industrialized nations.

Johnson said only 12 G-20 countries have pledged to achieve zero carbon emissions by 2050. China, Saudi Arabia and Russia have set 2060 as the goal to achieve carbon neutrality, and India has not set a target date.

Net zero is the level of emissions that can be absorbed by forests, oceans and abatement measures.

“If Glasgow fails, then everything fails,” Johnson said.

ROME – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said the promises made in the historic Paris climate agreement start to ring “frankly hollow” six years later.

Johnson struck a dark note Sunday at the end of a Group of 20 summit in Rome, where leaders’ pledges to tackle climate change, he said, were “drops in a warming ocean quickly”.

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