Joumblat says Lebanese decision is “usurped” by Hezbollah and “new system” is needed – Naharnet


The leader of the Progressive Socialist Party, Walid Joumblat, denounced “today, more than ever, we live in another Lebanon”.

“The Lebanese decision has been completely usurped by a party that stretches from here to the Islamic Republic” of Iran, Joumblat said in an interview with the PSP’s al-Anbaa news portal, referring to Hezbollah.

“At the same time, there is the huge economic crisis, which is the result of bad behavior, or the exacerbation of the banker and merchant class and those in the political class who profit from the rate shift. exchange rate, ”Joumblat said. added.

He therefore called for “a new political system that emerges from a new electoral system”.

“The current system is a system of share sharing between the Shiite duo and the Christian duo, and the biggest loser of this system was the leader of the al-Mustaqbal movement Saad Hariri as well as us as a minority party and the generalist parties. and nationals who call for abolishing political sectarianism, ”Joumblat explained.

He said, however, that it was not possible to build a new electoral system in the current political equation.

As for the controversy over the port explosion investigations, the PSP chief said challenging Judge Tarek Bitar to question former ministers is “not the appropriate solution” as it would fragment the investigation.

He added that Bitar “should have questioned the judge who ordered the confiscation of the vessel and the unloading of its cargo, since the vessel was full of ammonium nitrate”.

In addition, Joumblat declared that “the reconquest of Lebanon on the Iranian axis requires international circumstances which would allow the country to be present”.

Regarding the next presidential election and the possibility of extending the mandate of President Michel Aoun, the leader of the PSP declared: “Constitutionally, President Michel Aoun cannot see his mandate extended. This matter is at odds with the constitution and he must step down when the final moment comes. “


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