I will not conspire against the resistance or its rivals – Naharnet

Marada Movement leader Suleiman Franjieh stressed that he “will not conspire against the resistance or against its rivals and enemies”, days after Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah openly announced that his party wanted a president for Lebanon which would “reassure the resistance”.

“I am ready for all possibilities. For the presidency and for not reaching it. Others are fighting for it today as if it were a lottery prize when in fact it is a real ball of fire,” al-Akhbar newspaper quoted Franjieh as saying. sources informed of his position.

“I don’t know if I will succeed or fail, but what I do know is that I will try to put in the effort to succeed,” added Franjieh.

Noting that being elected president is “not an end in itself”, Chief Marada recalled that he gave up the post in the 2016 elections and said he “is not hanging on to it now”. there is “no chance of Salvation and Success.”

When asked if he was a “confrontational candidate”, Franjieh said a consensus president is not one who is elected by consensus, but rather one who “also acts that way”.

“Of course, I am a member of a project and a camp and I maintain my position within them, but my election would oblige me to be for all the Lebanese, whether they are pro-government or in the opposition. “, said Chief Marada. added.

“I will implement what I can commit to, no more, no less,” he said.

“I will not exclusively be the president of my camp, but I will give to the resistance what rivals or enemies cannot give,” Franjieh continued.

Moreover, he added: “We cannot forget that we are in a country which is governed by power relations and political and sectarian balances which limit the capacity to act. Those who are unable to face resistance will become confident that their election will make them more unable to think of hitting it.

“We need patience in thought and behavior to solve all our problems, including resistance weapons,” Franjieh continued.

Hezbollah’s weapons “do not need my cover or my protection”, the Marada leader added, noting that he agreed with what Nasrallah said recently about “a president who does not stab the resistance in the back”.

“What I will do is I will not conspire against the resistance, nor against its rivals and enemies,” Franjieh said.

“I will not take revenge on anyone or settle any score with anyone – neither on the past nor on the future”, added the leader of Marada, stressing that “Hezbollah’s weapons have a regional and international dimension that we alone cannot settle”.

As for his links with Washington and Paris, Franjieh said: “So far, I have not heard the Americans and the French support my election, but I have not received any negative message indicating that they oppose to me or don’t want me. The same applies to Saudi Arabia.

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