How Israel Blocked Iraq’s Political Reform | Farouk Youssef

Sayyed Muqtada al-Sadr, the fiery Iraqi cleric, said Israel is the party behind the obstruction of political reforms in his country.

Of course, there are those in Iraq who are tempted to believe this. Just as some Syrians are tempted to believe that Israel is the one preventing Bashar al-Assad’s regime from opting for democracy, there are some Palestinians who are tempted to believe that Israel is behind the corruption of Israel. Palestinian Authority and one who encourages Hamas to launch its wars from time to time.

There are countless examples of this kind of speech. Such examples unfortunately reflect the kind of relationship some politicians have with politics. Some Arab politicians have no problem losing their credibility until they can be held legally accountable. Sadr, for example, is a man beyond suspicion, even though he runs one of the biggest corruption machines in Iraq. He is also a religious leader who has inherited his father’s infallibility, even though he cannot utter a single phrase in Arabic without insulting or belittling his listeners. Moreover, all his conversations reveal the limits of his thought and the modesty of his intellectual capacities, not to mention his poor political knowledge.

All of this is no exaggeration. However, as soon as you criticize the man who is directly responsible for the collapse of the electricity and health sectors, you are faced with one of two answers. Either you are accused of anti-sectarianism, a ready-made accusation behind which many thieves, murderers, crooks and crooks hide.

As I said, there are those who will be satisfied if I tell them “Israel is the reason”. Here, it is necessary to recall the myth of the American ambassador in Baghdad who would have encouraged Saddam Hussein to invade Kuwait. Many believed this myth, although then Deputy Prime Minister Tariq Aziz, who was close to the late Iraqi president, denied any knowledge of such an incident. This denial meant nothing to those who took comfort in relieving Saddam Hussein of all responsibility for the catastrophe that destroyed the Iraqi country and people. This means that those who accept to be the laughing stock of others are those who contribute to the propagation of the political blindness which generates the ready-made phrases by which Arab politicians conceal the traces of corruption, ignorance, behavior. reprehensible and lack of political experience. What is more important is that they don’t care if their lies are exposed or if their devious schemes are discovered until no one can hold them accountable.

“Israel is the reason”, it seems logical. No one asks how. No one has the strength to summon Sayyed Moqtada, not to prosecute him for deceptive and false statements, but to benefit from the gift which allows him to uncover the hidden threads that indicate Israel’s ability to disrupt all attempts at reform in Iraq.

And if we go beyond the question of how and ask the question of what, for example, “what were the attempts made by Sayyed Moqtada and his political movement in the pursuit of reform before Israel did them?” have an abortion? Next, ask what reform is from the point of view of Sayyed Moqtada and his supporters? And what needs to be done in order for Iraqis to have a comfortable life, or at least live together? All these questions and more cannot be answered by Sadr, just as Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah cannot fail to answer a question such as: “Who are you resisting, and why are you bearing arms in the name of resistance?” while controlling the fate of Lebanon and the lives of its inhabitants? He would answer: “Israel”.

So we can only nod in agreement as involuntary laughing idiots with guns pointed at their heads.

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