Here are some of Michel Hayek’s predictions for the world in 2022 that have come true

New Year’s Eve, Michael Hayek makes some interesting predictions. As 2022 draws to a close, Hayek has achieved some of the predictions for the world.

Here are the most notable:


  • Boris Johnson will stand on quicksand. And concerned about his political and personal future
  • Waves of resignations on several levels in Britain
  • Britain on a date with a female face that ranks first
  • Prince Harry will not be able to find peace
  • On the horizon of the royal castle, a reminder of the days of Lady Diana, and all the mystery that affected those days
  • Two noises inside Buckingham, the one who will take the throne and the second concerning the women: Camilla, Megan and Kate.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has resigned after more than 50 MPs left the government. Liz Truss has been named British Prime Minister, succeeding Boris Johnson at a time of economic peril and political upheaval in the UK.

2022 has been an “annus horribilis” (horrible year) for England, as it has seen major historical events. The most recent event that shook not just England, but the world, was the death of Queen Elizabeth II on September 8, 2022.

Upon her death, thousands flooded Buckingham Castle and other royal residences with letters, toys and thousands of flowers, in a scene that reminded people of the days after Lady Diana’s death. Princess of Wales, in 1997.

Prince Harry was unable to say goodbye to his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, before her death, and make peace with her for fleeing royal duties and role and moving to the United States .

Rumors inside Buckingham Palace: Prince Charles takes the throne after his mother as discussions and expectations for years were that his son William would succeed his grandmother on the throne.

United States

  • Very urgent news regarding Biden’s health adviser: Anthony Fauci

One of the prominent faces of the Covid-19 pandemic was Dr Anthony Fauci who announced his resignation from several posts in December to pursue the “next chapter”.

Fauci is the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) as well as the chief medical adviser to US President Joe Biden.


  • It will not be easy to break Macron
  • The Frenchwoman will be on top and they will take into account her power

Emmanuel Macron of La République En Marche (LREM) defeated Marine Le Pen in the 2022 French presidential elections and was re-elected President of France.

The Élysée Palace has also reorganized the cabinet under new Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne, who is France’s second female prime minister.


  • Protests in Canada, some not peaceful

In early 2022, Canada experienced the so-called “trucker protests” or “freedom convoy,” which began in Ottawa. The protests were sparked by a mandate that required Canadian cross-border truckers to fight Covid-19 vaccine requirements.


  • Russian oil will carry the world
  • An incomplete approach costs Putin dearly
  • Mass destruction in Russia and Ukraine will set Putin back
  • Putin’s defender will be silenced by Biden’s contacts

So far from Hayek’s predictions regarding Russia:

Russia and its President, Vladimir Putin, were the center of attention in 2022, ever since Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022.

Since then, the Russian-Ukrainian war has claimed at least 25,000 lives (Source: The New York Times), an estimated 12 million people have been displaced (Source: United Nations), and property damage could cost around $350 billion (Source : Reuters).

Reports have shown that the war is causing havoc in both countries, including protests in Russia against the invasion of Ukraine, arrests and the signing of a petition by more than a million Russians.

The war also caused energy prices to rise, which affected the cost of living in the UK and European countries, as well as in several parts of the world.

The Dolomites

A few weeks ago there was a recent assassination deep in Russian territory, raising questions about its brazen operation and who is behind it. The target was fierce ultranationalist commentator and Putin advocate Daria Dugina, 29, who was killed by a car bomb in Russia.

His associates claimed Ukraine was behind it all, a claim Ukraine denied. Russia has vowed to retaliate.

Various around the world

  • Shakira between performance and attack. Between tremor and tremor, she will shake her fans

2022 has been a tough year for Lebanese-Colombian singer Shakira, as news of her split from partner Gerard Pique emerged. Additionally, Spanish prosecutors have also sought an eight-year prison sentence for the singer for alleged $15.5 million tax evasion.

  • A financial storm over Europe
The Economist

Europe is facing a deep inflation crisis. According to Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union, the euro zone’s annual inflation rate was 9.1% in August 2022, down from 3.0% a year earlier.

The Economist Intelligence Unit expects “a recession in Europe in the winter of 2022-23 due to energy shortages and high and sustained inflation”.

Adding: “The winter of 2023-24 will also be difficult, and so we expect high inflation and sluggish growth until at least 2024.”

  • Much of Europe will be at the mercy of nature
European Union program – Copernicus

Bloomberg reported in early September that “Europe is experiencing its worst heat wave since the Renaissance” and “nearly two-thirds of the region is under a drought warning or alert, wreaking havoc in large sectors of the economy.

  • News reminding Chernobyl

Russian troops also captured the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Ukraine. This action sounded the alarm within the international community. However, Ukraine later recovered the nuclear power plant when Russian forces withdrew.

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