Bosnian security chief accused of corruption in arms sales | World

SARAJEVO, Bosnia and Herzegovina (AP) – The Bosnian Minister of Security was formally charged with embezzlement and corruption for illegal sale of arms and military equipment ten years ago while serving as Minister of defense.

The highest court in the Balkan country confirmed the indictment against Selmo Cikotic on Wednesday, accusing him of depriving the state of nearly 5 million euros ($ 5.6 million) by amending ” in violation of legal process “the terms of a contract for the sale of surplus arms and obsolete military equipment in order to favor the buyer, the Croatian company SCOUT.

The indictment stated that Cikotic had done so “without informing his deputies or members of the presidency (tripartite from Bosnia)”.

Bosnia is considered one of the most corruption-prone countries in Europe, in part because of the complex administrative framework, but also because of the country’s deep ethnic and political divisions since the 1992-95 war.

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