Berri in a message to expatriates in Lebanon: May your vote on May 6 and 8 be for national constants, not for electoral promises

In a message addressed to Lebanese expatriates who will go to the polling stations to vote on May 6 and 8, the Speaker of the House, Nabih Berri, called on them to “show the widest participation in this national event par excellence and the most important in the history of Lebanon”. and to “go to the polls without electoral speech heavily laden with hateful sectarian incitement”.

He called on Lebanese residing in Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia and the United States to “vote massively” for the candidates on the “Amal and Loyalty” lists in South, Central and West Bekaa, Baalbek, Hermel, Zahle, Beirut. , South Metn and Jbeil.

“May your vote on May 6 and 8 be for national constants and not for electoral promises. Let your vote be for unity and not for fragmentation. May your vote be for Lebanon in its Arab identity and membership; better relations with his Arab brothers, all Arabs from the ocean to the Gulf, and with his friends all over the world,” Berri said.

He added: “Let your vote be for those who believe in dialogue as a means of addressing all contentious issues under the roof of the constitution and to protect civil peace. Let your vote be for independence and reform of power judiciary, making it an authority above malevolence and free from political interference, an authority capable of realizing the truth and establishing the rules of justice in accordance with the logic of the constitution and the law.

He urged all members of the Lebanese Diaspora to vote for “an open and transparent dialogue under the dome of Parliament to approve an economic recovery plan that enshrines the full rights of all depositors as a sacred right not to be neglected under any title. “.

“Let your vote be for Lebanon as a civil state and the adoption of an electoral law outside of sectarian restriction on the basis of proportionality in accordance with expanded constituencies, and a senate in which all sects are fairly represented, and to lower the voting age to 18 and establish a quota for women,” the President continued.

“Let your vote on May 6 and 8 be for the creation of the Expatriate and Planning Ministries,” Berri stressed.

“Let your vote be to preserve the headlines of Lebanese power, the army and the people, and the resistance in order to curb Israel’s aggression and invest all of Lebanon’s wealth in the sea without any compromise on sovereign rights, and rejecting any form of normalization”, he stressed, adding: “Let your vote be for the rejection of colonization and support for the return of the displaced”.

Berri claimed that all of the above titles are at the heart of the “Amal and Loyalty” electoral lists, calling for the “immeasurable trust and loyalty” of the Lebanese, concluding: “You are the hope, and always and forever with you lies the greatest effort!”

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