Berri calls for dialogue on a new non-sectarian electoral law — Naharnet

The Speaker of Parliament and leader of the Amal movement, Nabih Berri, on Tuesday called on all the forces that took part in the legislative elections to “respect the choices of the people” who voted.

“Some claim a connection to the principles of independence and sovereignty, while in their performance, behavior and political rhetoric are deeply immersed in slavery and subordination to the interests of foreign forces,” Berri lamented.

Calling on all parties to “put aside the tense and provocative political and electoral rhetoric”, Berri said all “hot heads” must calm down and everyone must be convinced that it is the destiny of the Lebanese to “live together like sons of the same country.”

“No one or any sect wants to eliminate another sect,” he stressed.

He thus called on all political forces and parliamentary blocs to engage in “a serious dialogue, in partnership with all the honest and serious forces of civil society, to bury this (electoral) law which harms partnership and represents a magic spell to deepen the allocation of quotas and sectarianism.”

“It is time to have a non-sectarian law” and “to lower the voting age to 18, to introduce a quota for women and to establish a senate in which sects would be fairly represented”, added President.

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