Aoun: The demarcation agreement will not lead to peace with “Israel”

Lebanese President Michel Aoun says the maritime border agreement was the result of national interests and stability and is in no way an indication of peace with “Israel”.

  • Aoun: Oil and gas funds will be returned to sovereign wealth fund

Lebanese President Michel Aoun said AML broadcaster that Lebanon “demarcated the borders to avoid war”, adding that “the maritime agreement was the result of national interests and stability” and is in no way an indication of peace with “Israel”.

He further added, “We claimed our right to delimit it and amplified it, and we consolidated it, thus giving hope to the Lebanese people.”

“The demarcation will lay the groundwork for the extraction of gas and oil that will get Lebanon out of debt, and this is my gift to the Lebanese before I leave.”

Aoun noted that “there are no papers, signatures or anything else in the process of signing the demarcation agreement that could indicate a peace agreement. [was made].”

The Lebanese president stressed that “the money that will be generated by the oil companies will be deposited in the Sovereign Oil and Gas Revenue Fund”.

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There’s a good reason Hezbollah weapons stay

Commenting on his relationship with Hezbollah, Aoun said the party’s general secretary, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, “has two eyes, like all of us, but each of us sees things differently… when it comes to responsibilities, each of us we are loaded with some jobs.

Aoun added that “Hezbollah helped us quietly”, pointing out that “there is a good reason for Hezbollah’s weapons to remain, and those who question this are political opponents”.

Commenting on the leader of the Free Patriotic Movement, Gibran Bassil, Aoun said that Bassil “has become the leader of a bloc and I am not his tutor. Even if he makes mistakes, he is the one who bears the consequences, not me”. His powers are not mine,” noting that he had previously requested “a change of governor of the Banque du Liban, but he did not receive approval.”

During the signing of a decree accepting the resignation of the government

Aoun also confirmed that he was about to sign a decree accepting the government’s resignation, noting that “the fight against corruption has brought him many enemies along the way.”

On government issues, Aoun said, “The current government does not enjoy the confidence of the people and therefore cannot govern”, adding that Prime Minister Najib Mikati “has no will to form a government and that he there must be unity in terms of training criteria”. .”

“I will give a chance until the end of my term,” Aoun said.

Aoun explained that “it is a serious mistake not to determine the deadline for the Prime Minister in charge of forming the government to actually do the training”, noting that “the dialogue on the presidential question will fail, but the relevant consultations can actually lead somewhere”. “

Regarding the issue of Syrian refugees, Aoun stressed that his country “demands the voluntary return of displaced Syrians, and Syria has not set any conditions for their return”, adding that “the international community wants Lebanon to be a ship of guard to prevent displaced Syrians from going to their country, while at the same time they oppose their return home. »

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