Analysis: Biden faces liberal angst over underdelivery | National policy

Biden presented himself to voters as a capable leader whose deep experience of Washington’s ways could bring about significant changes through legislation, a clear counterpoint to President Donald Trump’s brutal political approach. Instead, Biden didn’t have to negotiate with the Republicans, but with his fellow Democrats, and he still didn’t seem to be successful in persuading them, at least not on his preferred schedule.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told Democrats behind closed doors that “when the president gets off this plane, we want him to get a vote of confidence from this Congress.”

“For us to be successful, we have to be successful today. “

As the day dragged on, it seemed more and more unlikely.

None of this has stopped the president from claiming to be on the cusp of historic achievements.

Biden and his allies point out that the proposed deal, although much smaller than expected, would represent record spending and that the new programs of the $ 1,000 billion infrastructure bill and the social spending legislation and the $ 1.75 billion climate would boost American competitiveness, lift people out of poverty. and lighten the burden on working families.

As he arrived at the United States Capitol on Thursday morning to urge House Democrats to line up behind the frame, he was greeted by environmental protesters who said he was giving up too much. Later, Senator Bernie Sanders, the Vermont independent who caucuses with the Democrats, growled that Biden’s plan had “major flaws” and that the bill does not ease prescription drug costs.

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