An Oklahoma church is the latest church to buy and forgive millions in medical debt

Ada’s First United Methodist Church in Oklahoma is the latest church body to jump on one of the coolest church trends in recent years. “Elegant leather jackets for the pastor?” No, the other cool trend. “Imagine the songs of the dragons during worship?” Noel other cool trend. You know, the one where churches partner with RIP Medical Debt to buy tons of medical debt in the area for pennies on the dollar and then forgive it all.

It’s very cool. RIP Medical Debt is basically the good version of a loan shark. Where predatory companies buy medical debt cheaply and then raise interest rates, burdening people with ever-increasing expenses, RIP Medical Debt buys it and forgives it all, changing people’s lives at a low price. .

The global pandemic certainly forced us to adjust our initial goal, ”Senior Pastor Brian Matthews told local news. “But even with that adjustment, we were able to forgive more than $ 1 million more than we expected. With RIP’s experience, we were able to forgive approximately $ 380 in medical debt for every $ 1 donated. “

It’s a trend that started after John Oliver did a segment on medical debt for his Last week tonight show on HBO, highlighting the work that RIP Medical Debt does. Several pastors watched the video and realized that churches are uniquely equipped with many resources that make partnering with RIP Medical Debt a breeze, using tithes and offerings to change families’ lives. It has happened in Chicago, Ohio, Texas, Kansas, and Florida, among many other places.

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But the harvest is still huge. Medical debt is the leading cause of bankruptcy in the US, but for 1,327 residents of Oklahoma’s Coal, Garvin, Hughes, Pontotoc, and Seminole counties, it will soon not be the cause of yours.

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