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This November 27 marks the 43rd anniversary of the founding of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), which was created at its first conference, held by a group of revolutionary students in the village of Vis, Amed in Kurdistan Bakur.

The founding of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), led by leader Abdullah Ocalan, who was elected at the party’s first conference as party secretary, came as a political movement rejecting state policies of Turkish occupation practiced against the Kurds in Bakur Kurdistan, and the organizations and political currents of the left opposed to the occupying state.

Following the intensification of military operations and harassment in Amed and the rest of Kurdistan from Bakur and against supporters and members of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, prior to the military coup of September 12, 1980, the party began to widen its field of action against the policy of the Turkish occupation state with the departure of the leader Ocalan and his companions in Rojava. North and East Syria, and from there to Lebanon in July 1979.

With the entry of the leader Ocalan and his companions into Rojava, “northern and eastern Syria, the PKK began its movement in the region, leaving a decisive imprint on the history of the people of the region after its 43-year-old struggle in the region. , he created a strong popular base, believing in the Kurdish cause, and millions of supporters.

On this subject, the Kurdish citizen of the city of Hasakah, in the north and east of Syria, Adiba Hassan, who met the Movement for the Freedom of Kurdistan in 1987 during the stage of its founding in Rojava, declares: “The slogan of Kurdistan is occupied, and the discussions of the Kurdistan Freedom Movement on the injustice of the movements and regimes of Kurdistan against the Kurds and their deprivation. From their rights and their language, it was a motive for the Kurds to join this movement in its infancy.

Adiba Hassan added: “The PKK is different from other parties, where women worked in all fields and got all their rights, unlike other parties.

For her part, the citizen Cihan Khaled believes that the PKK sowed a spirit of patriotism among the Kurds, declaring: “Before knowing the Kurdistan Freedom Movement, my father read us continuously the books of Jakar Khoen, in order to establish the patriotic spirit in our hearts, and after the establishment of the PKK. The Kurdistan region instilled this patriotic spirit in us, and it made us more faithful to our national principles.

Jihan Khaled, through the PKK, learned about the persecution against the Kurds saying, “I have learned through the party that the Kurds are being persecuted, and what is required of us for our cause. Before knowing this party, I knew that we are Kurds. , but we did not fully understand what it means that we are Kurds and what it is our cause and our principles. “

Jihan Khaled explained that the treatment of people by the PKK is far from racism, bigotry and nationalism, as it gathered and combined the different components and segments in a trench, which aroused my admiration and love for this party. .

She added: “The difference between the Kurdistan Freedom Movement and the other parties is great. The Kurdistan Freedom Movement was not founded on personal interests, but was created to serve the Kurdish cause. demonstrate it. “

In the same context, Adiba Hassan indicated that the women of the Kurdistan Freedom Movement have played a major role in the establishment and development of the party, and in its organization different from the rest of the other parties.

She also highlighted the growing influence of society on the PKK and the increased involvement in its ranks, stating: “With the party cadres visiting families in our regions, to present the movement and its principles and what this movement is about. demands of each Kurd, joining him multiplied, and in a short time the movement won the love of the people. “and trust them.”

Women in northern and eastern Syria were strongly influenced by the ideas of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and leader Ocalan, and this was evident from the great turn around the party, especially with the start of the involvement of women in the guerrilla ranks. forces.

Jihan Khaled, like all the peoples of Kurdistan, was touched by the fact that women were joining the ranks of the PDF, because it was the first experience of Kurdish women joining the military forces, as she puts it: “When I saw female fighters for the first time, I felt I was recreated, and the whole Kurdish community was very proud of them, and the speech about their heroic achievements against the Turkish occupation army was has not left people’s conversations, besides talking about leader Ajlan.

Jihan Khaled regretted not having met the leader Ocalan, along with his father and brother, who met the leader in Damascus, due to his great impact on society; In view of her demand for freedom, justice and equality for all peoples without discrimination, she declared: “I did not see the leader Abdullah Ocalan, but talking about him and his thoughts pushed me and made people love him because he was the defender of the rights of all the oppressed and oppressed. “

This was confirmed and agreed upon by Adiba Hassan, along with Jihan Khaled, when she said, “Leader Abdullah Ocalan won a lot of love from people, because he brought them out of darkness into light.”

As for Adiba Hassan, she said of the female fighters in the ranks of the PDF: “When I saw the guerrilla fighters for the first time, I felt great joy, and I remembered the woman before. now, how she was in the days of the Kurdistan Freedom Movement, how she became and how she developed intellectually. “

Despite security harassment, crackdowns, persecution and arrests of PKK supporters in Syria, PKK supporters have not backed down.

Citizen Jihan Khaled, although her brother was arrested, tortured and imprisoned by the government in Damascus, was not afraid to join the PKK with her family. this movement.”

The PKK was a distinctive point in the personality of women, by its ideas and its organization, against everything that was acquired in society by customs and traditions, in its regard, as Jihan Khaled says: “A big difference has was made by getting to know the principles and ideas of the PKK in my personality, and it changed my outlook on life and the truth of things. Society, the reality of women and what women suffer in a society that deprives them of their most basic rights and oppresses them.

She added: “With this knowledge, my outlook changed for the better, as did my approach to the issue of people in difficulty, especially the persecuted Kurdish people, and my approach to the role and importance of women in the process. society, and their insistence on the struggle for rights. “

Jihan Khaled and Adeba Hassan see in the Kurdistan Freedom Movement a platform for the voice of the Kurdish community, the reflection of its culture and its history, and the guarantee of the coexistence of the Kurds, stressing that the Kurdistan Freedom Movement, through its struggle, and the sacrifices it made, carried the voice of the community of Kurdistan to the world which speaks of the Kurds and their heroism, At the forefront of the major women’s championships in the liberation of their regions.

Kurdish women in northern and eastern Syria cannot imagine Kurdistan and its liberated peoples without the Kurdistan freedom movement, highlighting the impossibility of liberating women and society, and the oppressed and oppressed regimes dictatorships who rule them without this thought and without the freedom of leader Abdullah Ocalan, as Jihan Khaled and Adiba Hussein have indicated.



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